Completed Projects
Lotus Apartments

The Lotus Apartments located at Ikate, Lekki Peninsula Lagos, though a collection of 18 one-bedroom apartments is actually 3 blocks of 6 flats each spread on 3 floors above an open ground floor level that is given over to car parking.

The parking has been arranged as symmetrical rows left and right of a central driveway. This symmetry is transferred to the front elevation where a pair of canted walls appear to open/close like the wings of an insect. It is fitting, therefore, that a butterfly roof, tops the front most block of flats, allowing for 2 rather interesting penthouse-style flats on the top floor.

With light wells located in-between blocks, throwing in light and creating mini-courtyards, Lotus Apartments is an elegant solution on a particularly moderate size plot of land and will present a bold contemporary face to the city.


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